2 Dec 2010


Last weekend, our team visited Guangxi Medical University and gave a few talks. To our surprise, the whole lecture hall was jammed with students. All seats were filled. Latecomers sat on the floor and stood at the back for the whole three hours. On the second day, even more people came. Although many could not enter the hall, they were willing just to stand outside and listen. The questions and answers session would never end if the chairman had not called the event to a close.

How does our own faculty in Hong Kong run a similar event? The organizers usually inform the students that their attendance would be recorded. Some students would sign their names and leave immediately.

On this, JW shared his recent experience.

His college invited a CEO of a big company to give a talk at a dinner symposium. While the students from mainland China listened attentively, the local ones chatted and played with their iPhones. After the talk, only the mainland students asked questions. The last question was how the CEO chose employees.

The CEO described a few qualities and concluded, “For example, I would choose those who asked questions just now.”

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  1. I'm honored to have my name appeared on two of my most respectable friends' blogs on the same day, talking about the same topic (http://ccszeto.blogspot.com/2010/12/apathetic.html). Yes. This is really worrisome.