30 Dec 2010


Earlier this month, I met KK on the way to the clinic. The retired cardiologist seemed very happy. He heartily came over and gave me a big hug. I was slightly surprised by the warm act, and thought I should be the one hugging my teacher.

In 2003, our Boss took his sabbatical and visited the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Among all things, he was most impressed by the way clinicians there greeted their patients. Those patients might have AIDS or other rare infections, but the clinicians hugged them all the same. With our cultural background, it is unlikely that we could practice the same act here. Nevertheless, after listening to our Boss’s story, I found myself touching my patients’ hands more often.

That night, I was filled with joy and warmth. The moment I went back home, I opened my arms wide to hug my daughter.

"Yikes!" the girl ducked and ran back to the living room.

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  1. Patrick Lau6/1/11 22:09

    One of the most touching hugs I have ever seen was in "The Elephant Man", when the good-hearted British surgeon hugged John Maverick, the "elephant man" disfigured by neurofibromatosis who was very much tortured by the cruel society. That was the hug that motivated me a lot. All medical students should watch this film and learn the way we should treat our patients. Vincent, I like your blogs!