16 Dec 2010


In my trainee days, many colleagues feared a senior consultant across the harbor. Rumor has it that she would take a week off before the membership examination for private study. During examination, she enjoyed asking difficult questions and failed a lot of candidates.

Partly because of her influence, I never read any books before serving as an examiner. The main reason, obviously, is because I am lazy. However, I feel the behavior does not make sense.

If I ask a candidate something that I only know after referring to a book recently, there are two possibilities. First, this may be something a practicing doctor does not need to know. That makes me an unfair examiner. Second, this may be something a practicing doctor should know. In that case, I should have been keeping up with the knowledge and not just look it up before examination. Otherwise, by failing a candidate I fail myself too. I should thus not continue to be a practicing doctor.

I should become an administrator.

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