9 Sep 2010

Universal Studios

The next day, our family traveled to Singapore. As expected, we visited the Universal Studios.

We found many similarities between the Universal Studios and Hong Kong Disneyland. Both are small and not too well attended – compared to the same theme parks in other countries; you still need to wait around 10 minutes for each attraction. If you buy Universal Express (48 Singaporean dollars for each person) on top of the admission tickets, you do not need to wait at all. On the day of our visit, we could not see a single soul paying for fast pass.

If you think this means the Studios is no good, you are mistaken. When one travels with a four-year old girl, short waiting time is the most important. Few attractions are not our concern at all. We would not be able to hang around for the whole day anyway. Thus, despite of what many Hong Kong people have remarked, I think the Hong Kong Disney is a nice place. Nevertheless, I would not recommend the Treasure Hunters. This is a motor car ride in the Ancient Egypt area. There is little to see and the ride ends shortly.

The nicest attraction was Lights, Camera, Action! This illustrates how an empty soundstage can become the setting of a Category 5 hurricane in New York. The stormy scene ends with the destruction and collapse of the boathouse where you are standing.

Although technology must have progressed a lot, I felt the King Kong and Backdraft scenes that I saw 20 years ago at Universal Studios Hollywood were much better. Well, no canvas absorbs color like memory.

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