2 Sep 2010


I promised some of my colleagues to report on my recent trips to Shenzhen and Singapore.

The trip to Shenzhen was to deliver a talk at a meeting organized by an international cancer organization. I took the opportunity to try the Shenzhen Metro. The Metro was jointly run by the Hong Kong MTR Corporation and China. It was indeed convenient. The Metro station was connected to the Lok Ma Chau MTR station. Both the station and the trains were clean and tidy.

As I came out from the conference center station, I thought the venue would be easy to find. I was wrong. I looked around and found that all the giant complexes looked like conference centers. In the end, I still need to ask a policeman.

That was the first time the international cancer organization held a meeting in China. As most people are aware, China has the money and patients. Where else would pharmaceutical sponsors want the meeting to be? Nevertheless, the organizer somehow overestimated the situation and arranged seven concurrent sessions at the same time. Each room ended up hosting around twenty people, including chairmen and speakers. It is alright. My university promotes small group teaching anyway.

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