6 Jun 2013


Curiously, this is the first time I wrote on my blog on our anniversary. This year is also special in that my brother Roy is getting married later this month.

Roy reminds me much of Levin in Anna Karenina. He expressed how pointless the wedding preparation and ceremony were, but ended up doing everything others did. I wish he would enjoy it as much as Levin did in the end.

Every Christmas, our parish priest tells us a story about love. Every Christmas, he tells the same story.

Once there was a poor couple. The husband had a watch, but it had no straps. One Christmas, the wife gave him a pair of leather straps as present. The man was very surprised, “How did you get the money?” The wife replied that she sold her hair. The man then gave her a present. It was a beautiful comb. This time, it was the wife who was surprised. “I sold my watch,” the man explained.

At this point, Angelina commented, “You can still use the comb with short hair. Besides, the hair can grow back. The man was less lucky.” I replied, “I think he was very lucky. The present was love.”

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