20 Jun 2013


We held the professional examination last month. After examining the first five students, Professor RY remarked on the standard of the class at the coffee break. Many of us were astonished. It took us at least several months to arrive at the same conclusion. “Of course this may be sampling bias. I will examine the rest of the students first,” he said when the next batch of students entered.

When I told my friends the story, they were not impressed. “He doesn’t pay attention during examinations,” HC said. “He even dozed at the last college exam.” I did not argue. However, after so many years, I am sure he does not need ten minutes to decide who is a competent doctor.

Once, a famous director was invited to the rehearsal of a play. A moment later, he fell asleep. The cast was very embarrassed but had to continue. After the first act, the producer could not tolerate any longer and woke the director up. “We are sincerely asking for your comments, and you simply dozed off!”

The director rubbed his eyes and mumbled, “That was my comment.”

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