16 May 2013


Most of us cannot accept what Chopper did. Doctors should not earn money by doing unnecessary and harmful procedures.

In that case, let me tell you another story.

A retired professor performed a 5-minute procedure for a rich man. The accounting clerk saw the bill and was astonished. That was the price of a brand new car. Summoning her courage, the clerk called the professor and asked if he might have added an extra zero by mistake. (She wanted to say two zeroes but thought better of it.)

The professor answered, “I am a famous doctor and he is a rich man. What is the problem with that?”

Now, is this acceptable? This time, the professor did a legitimate albeit simple procedure. Money did not bias his clinical decision. In fact, one may even argue that if he can charge whatever he likes for such minor tasks, the chance for him to offer unnecessary interventions would be lower.

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