29 Nov 2012


Unlike many of my friends, I do not have a favorite hairdresser. Some shops are too far away. The queue is too long in others. The whole process also takes too much time. Once I asked a hairdresser if I could skip washing and go straight to hair-cutting. He looked at me in disgust (I swear I was clean then). As a result, I keep going from one place to another. Besides, I attend the hairdresser’s infrequently to save time. My hair is always either too short or too long.

Last month, I came across the QB House in Kowloon. They do away hair washing and promise to complete the haircut in 10 minutes. I tried and they really did the job on time. They also did not talk. Exactly what I wanted!

Hairdressers may hate me for not enjoying their service but I guess there are loads of people like me. We just want a simple and quick haircut. If we wanted something else, we would have gone to a beauty salon. Going to work the next morning with a fresh haircut, I could not help but wonder if my patients really want public hospitals to have lobbies fit for a five-star hotel.

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