30 Aug 2012


Last week, I watched Pororo with Jonathan at home.

One day, Poby the Bear sneezed a few times after spilling some pepper. “You’ve got a cold!” cried his concerned hummingbird friend Harry. Harry insisted Poby to rest in bed. After some persuasion, Poby agreed that he probably needed a rest. To comfort his friend, he reassured Harry that he felt fine.

Soon, Pororo the Penguin and Eddy the Fox visited them. They were surprised to find Poby in bed. “Poby has got a cold,” explained Harry, “but he keeps saying he is OK.”

“Oh,” said Eddy. “Let’s give him an injection.” He pulled out a big needle. At this point, Poby jumped up and ran out of the house.

Patients often look for doctors who are skillful in performing various procedures. What they do not know is how many more patients died because the correct diagnosis was never made.

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