2 Aug 2012

Eat, Pray, Love

Last month, I had the honor to attend the farewell dinner of my teacher EL. As usual, the professor of rheumatology did not speak too much, but we enjoyed the recollections of events in the past 30 years through slide shows and speeches.

Most colleagues praised EL as a generous person. KL still vividly recalled how excited he was when his group of medical students followed EL to have lunch at the Jockey Club. As a teacher, he allowed students to follow him everywhere and observe what he exactly did at the clinic and wards.

Towards to end, his wife let us see him as we never did before.

“It is rather funny. At home, he would suddenly say, ‘Oh, how much I love my team! It is like a family.’

“And he has a list. It is a list of his patients. Every night, he asks God to look after them. Once in a while, he would come home excitedly and say something like, ‘Y has come out of ICU. God has listened to my prayer!’”

There was a moment of silence. I do not know what others were thinking at that time. I have prayed for my patients before, but certainly not every night. As a doctor, EL could eat, pray and love. What else can one ask for?

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