3 May 2012

General Studies

One evening, while Angela and I were discussing Mr T, Angelina suddenly got excited.

“I know who Mr T is. Mrs S talked about him during the General Studies class. He is our CE. Mrs S said he used his power to do bad things and should be put to jail,” she said.

I was dumbfounded. I was about to say that I agreed with everything Mrs S said except that I did not think he would end up in jail, but found that I could not address this issue any better. I thought teachers with independent thinking had been wiped out by the government’s brilliant education reform. Luckily I was wrong.

When I was in primary school, my teachers were free to teach anything they liked. One of my Chinese teachers was a graduate from Taiwan. Her main theme was that communism did not make sense and would collapse very soon. I am not sure what she thinks now as the Chinese government still stands strong, but in my mind she is perfectly correct. Communism does not make sense. It has collapsed everywhere. The biggest communist country no longer practices communism. That is the biggest collapse of all.

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  1. No. This country is still practicing communism in disguise. An intelligent investor should always bear this in mind.