17 May 2012


We just had the final professional examination this week. While this was a very exciting time for students, the reciprocal was not true. Repeating the same questions over and over, examiners could be bored to death. Luckily, a few kind-hearted people entertained us.

At a history taking station, a student courteously greeted the patient and asked why he came back to the clinic. Before the patient replied, she suddenly screamed, "My God! I forgot to ask your age. How old are you?" Astonishingly, the next student did the same thing.

At another station, a foreign examiner asked a student to treat him as the patient and obtain consent for a medical procedure from him. The student asked sincerely, "May I speak in Chinese?"

On the second day, a student spotted me in the corridor and asked, "Will you be our examiner this morning?" I said no. Then she wailed, "Oh, you are our only hope!" Without a word, I waved my hand and walked away. She was insulting me!

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