28 Jul 2011


While we were playing board games one night, Angelina suddenly said, “There is something I cannot get out of my mind.”

“What is it?” Angela asked.

“At the kindergarten today,” said Angelina, “N said it would be wonderful if we got married in the future.”

“But this is silly!” exclaimed Angela. “You haven’t even finished school.” She went on and explained why one needed to be mature enough before getting married.

The next Saturday, I was caught up with many emergency endoscopies and could not pick Angelina up from school. N’s mother offered her a ride. Sitting at the back, Angelina was delighted to find a mini-TV showing Disney programs. That afternoon, she muttered, “Maybe it is not a bad idea marrying him after all.” We were petrified.

Lai Yeh, I absolutely cannot take weekend duties anymore!

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  1. Next time I shall pick Angelina up when you are busying at Endoscopy Centre on Sat.....