16 Jun 2011


Last Saturday was our Faculty's 30th anniversary. I had the pleasure to accompany Professor AL at the celebration dinner. She told me a short story alongside with many other interesting matters.

Years ago, she went for training in England. On the first day, her mentor asked, "What project do you plan to do here?"

Being very green, she frankly admitted that she had not had a plan yet and would like to seek his guidance.

To her surprise, the Godfather sent her away. "The library is on the second floor. Come back when you know something."

When I shared the story with my teammates, they all felt the mentor was very cool and encouraged me to tell the medical students the same thing. After all, our medical library was also on the second floor.

I shook the attractive idea off immediately. "These will probably be my last words in the university."

It goes without saying that Professor AL went on to become an independent researcher and one of the greatest leaders in the field. Can we build leaders from refresher courses and examination notes?

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