9 Jun 2011

Amah Rock

There is a storytelling competition at Angelina's kindergarten every year. On the last two occasions, she told the stories of Three Little Pigs and Mickey and the Beanstalk. This time, she announced that since she was already in the graduation class, she would tell a grown-up story. Her first choice was Romeo and Juliet, which was banned by Mummy at once. She offered another story from the Greek myths. Mummy disapproved as well. "This is horrible!" Reluctantly, she chose Twelve Dancing Princesses, and had to skip the part about the beheaded princes.

A week later, she had her consolation. She told her Mummy a new story.

Once upon a time, there was a family in Shatin. The father often went abroad to do business. When he was away, the mother would carry her baby on her back and go up a hill. Looking far, she wanted to see her husband as soon as he returned.

For some unknown reasons, the father never returned this time. The mother did not give up. She kept going up the hill everyday. She stood all day long, carrying her baby.

Many months later, the mother went up the hill as usual. To her surprise, another woman was standing there. When she came closer, she found that the woman was a monstrous beast. She had snakes instead of hair on her head. It was Medusa! The monster turned and looked straight at her eyes. Instantly, the mother and the baby were turned to stones.

And they became the Amah Rock.

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