24 Jun 2010


Last week, Angelina attended a Trinity College examination. Grades are not important, but it proves difficult not to be curious about what happened inside the room.

“What did the lady ask you?” I could not wait to ask.

“Well,” Angelina replied lightly, “she asked me a lot of questions. I cannot remember them now.”

Oh, one more mystery that would never be solved.

One day later, it was my postgraduate student’s turn. This time, I had to stay in the examination room. Inevitably, I heard questions that I could answer easily. It was trying to watch your own student hesitate and give obviously unconfident replies while you could not do anything. I could see why Ruud Gullit stepped in the football pitch as the player-manager of Chelsea FC, although that was not all too successful.

Maybe it is not unkind to keep parents out of examination rooms after all.

The mystery is history.

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