19 Nov 2009


I learned about the nomination of our Boss several weeks ago. My first reaction was “Would he be happy?”

I have no doubt that Boss will be a good VC. But whether he can be a happy VC is another question. Under Szeto’s influence, I could not see any fun administrating others. Moreover, the academic world will soon face the loss of a brilliant researcher. At the Annual Meeting of the American Society for Clinical Investigation in 1944, Fuller Albright, President of the Society, laid the rules for clinical investigators. One important rule was “Do not show too much administrative ability”. [J Clin Invest 1944;23:921-52]

A recent incident changed my view.

As a VC candidate, Boss attended meetings to answer questions from different parties. At one session, a group of undergraduate students gave him a present to ridicule the current VC and asked him to open it. Fearless, he declared, “Even if you disagree with the VC’s policies and opinions, as educated persons, we should respect others. I will not open this present.” The audience applauded.

Important values are never taught in classrooms. Boss has demonstrated how a teacher may make bigger impacts by setting up role models. We wish you happiness at the job.

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