12 Nov 2009


I have a dream. I always have a mental picture of me performing with Angelina. Franck’s Violin Sonata or the Spring Sonata by Beethoven would be my cup of tea. I did not expect the day came so soon.

Last Saturday, my girl sang in a kindergarten competition. We thought that was a good thing. She had to learn the importance of practice and the experience of facing an audience. To support her, I volunteered to play electric piano.

Of course, it could not be Schubert’s Lieder. We chose “The Wheels on the Bus Go Round and Round” instead.

At the competition, Angelina started twice but was interrupted by the adjudicators because they had not finished writing comments on the last contestant. She complained that the audience laughed at her, but I reassured her that we would just wait. Luckily, her performance was little affected. She sang beautifully.

P.S. As we were looking for the competition venue, my girl asked, “Have we got lost?” This is a trivial thing, but pretty much reflects what kind of impression I have made in her early years.

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