16 Jul 2009


During a meeting, our Boss asked us to evaluate the refresher course.

“Despite numerous limitations, I do not think the course can be improved further,” said the student representative.

A lot of limitations but no room for improvement? What kind of youngster are you? I hope this does not reflect your view on clinical skills.

Seeing that no teacher was going to speak, our Boss pointed at my friend. “Szeto, you seem to be not very happy about the course.”

“If the students like it, what else can I say?” the walking Harrison replied dryly.

Just when we all thought that the case was closed, KC spoke up and complained that many students were late for his lecture. After he scolded them, only one third of the class attended his lesson on the next day.

Our Boss gave him a gentle answer. “Do not take this personal. Young people are like this nowadays. KC, you are lucky for not being a parent. The rest of us get this kind of insults everyday when we go home.”

This is truly inspirational. If we hold this view, who can possibly insult us again? In no time, my emotional intelligence soared by another five points.

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