8 Aug 2013


Last month, we held the admission interview. The function was very smooth, and I expected to go back to the hospital early. Towards the end, a girl entered. As usual, we asked the candidate to introduce herself.

“I am a very shy person,” she began, “and I am interested in science.” She was honest. She stopped after that sentence.

After all these years, I found that perfectly acceptable. There are many jobs suitable for shy medical graduates. Just to explore gently, I returned to the topic after a few other general questions, “Medicine involves communication. Do you feel comfortable talking to all kinds of patients in the future?”

After thinking for a while, the girl replied, “I think I can do it.”

“I believe you can,” I continued, “but my question is: would you enjoy it?”

Then she began to explain that many of her family members were doctors and how much her patients wanted her to become a doctor too.

I must say I have never encountered this before. Most candidates are desperate to enter the medical school. Others would pretend to be interested in medicine, only to be found to have trouble after admission.

In the end, I explained to the girl that because of her excellent academic results, she would probably be selected. I also did not feel it right to mark her down because of her honesty. Nevertheless, we sincerely hoped that she would choose a subject she loved and enjoy university life.

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