11 Jul 2013


On the next day, AL showed me a set of photos she took during our medical grand round. I was wondering why she took photos of us, but alas, it was not us.

That was a student bored to death by our talk. The gentleman first took off his sandals, and then rubbed his toes one by one with his fingers. He turned on his laptop and flipped between Facebook and Yahoo. Despite all these, we speakers seemed not aware of his annoyance. He finally gave up and slept with his mouth wide open.

After seeing the photos, I was first quite defensive. “But we didn’t initiate that. The external examiners made us run that talk.” On second thoughts, I owed that student an apology.

That said, while we were waiting for the grand round to start, Szeto and I actually discussed what we would rather talk about. I suggested detective stories.

“Nah,” Szeto sneered, “that is beyond your expertise. If you talk about Mozart, I would have to discuss Beethoven.”

That would be interesting. One of the theories is that Mozart died of poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis (Ann Intern Med 2009;151:274-8). Perfect for a renal grand round.

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