10 Jan 2013

Time Flies

As the year closed, Angela remarked how fast 2012 passed. This was hardly surprising. Many people around me said so, too.

But this is not possible. A year is a year. What has changed is our perception. While many of us cannot remember what we had for lunch 2 days ago, we can nevertheless vividly describe details of an important occasion. For example, I have no trouble recalling where we went on our first date and what we had for dessert.

Our memory clings to yard posts. We need to forget trivial matters so that we can concentrate. In the medical literature, there are reports of people who can remember almost everything they come across. Are they more successful than ordinary people? Quite the opposite. Many of them are absorbed in trivialities and are hardly functional at work.

On the other hand, if there is nothing worth remembering, a year would go by without a trace. Young kids find everything new and exciting. Their days are long. While we have passed this stage, we should not forget that life is worth living.

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