17 Nov 2011

The Girl with Red Hair

“That girl was most impressive,” HC was referring to a year 3 student with impeccable knowledge. Seeing that we were not sure who he was talking about, he further described her as “the girl with red hair”.

“Not again,” moaned K. “I am sick of medical students with hair coloring.”

HC reassured him that the girl was not like that, “It was just a faint shade of dark red.”

Not long ago, a male student without a tie would already face the wrath of the professor. Now hardly anyone utters a word even when a student wears a Real Madrid shirt in the ward. Rules and tradition are shaky before a generation who only considers their teachers as ‘friends’ on Facebook.

“If you criticize their dress code, they won’t listen and will just think you are old fashioned,” HC explained.

K was still unconvinced and shared his experience of meeting students in shorts and scandals. “What would our patients think?”

That is more to the point. It should not be what we want. How the appearance may affect the work is much more important.

For me, I just need my students to be professional. If they aren’t, dressing like one hardly helps.


  1. 從前有老師教過, 唔打得都要睇得.

    From K

  2. Instead of looking professional, I think a lot of doctors looked quite 老土 instead, no offend to say that, but the average look is usually not as smart as the other professionals, eg lawyers, bankers etc.