21 Apr 2011


Five years ago, I was waiting outside the operating theater, preparing for the arrival of Angelina. My mind wandered, though I was unable to think about anything in particular. Then I spotted a computer in the waiting room. I checked my e-mail account but everybody was so kind as to stop sending me anything. Like most people in apprehension, I resorted to things I used to do. I visited the website of New England, only to find that I had already read the issue the week before (it was a Tuesday).

Fast forward five years. If technology had changed, I didn’t change much. This time there was no computer in the waiting room. Alas, I took out my wife’s iPhone and did just as fine. I dutifully deleted a dozen of e-mails on seminars, investment opportunities and how to grow tumors. It was possible to have an idle e-mail account in 2005, but it would be a miracle in 2011. When I turned to Lancet, I finally realized I could not take in anything.

Soon afterwards, the baby cried and kicked his legs. But he slept peacefully in our arms as soon as he was wrapped in a clean blanket. We know it would be another chance to learn. The Lord taught us to love and to serve. Is there a better way to learn this than to have a child?

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