11 Nov 2010


In the last few months, I attended more farewell parties than I would wish.

Then came the news of Sir Ferguson and Wayne Rooney. Despite all scandals, the story ended with Wayne holding a new contract. He was smiling. Sir Ferguson was smiling. Everybody was happy.

The salaries at local public hospitals are strictly regulated by the point scale. Similarly, Manchester United capped the salaries of its players to ensure financial stability. Therefore, it is interesting to learn what others do to keep their brilliant players.

Above all, players want to win. Although the club may not be able to offer crazy salaries like its rivals, some players are willing to accept a lower pay to win trophies. It is also attractive to play in the first team.

Second, a good club helps its players to improve everyday. A friendly environment and comradeship are also important.

Finally, as in Rooney’s case, the club is ready to break existing rules to build a better team when it is necessary.

While the last point is debatable, have we created the environment for our youngsters to live up to their potential?

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