4 Feb 2010


Thank you all for your greetings last week. In fact, I secretly removed my birthday from my Facebook profile earlier on and realized that my friends could still see it. This is probably a good example of my aging mind. Other examples may include:

- Silly enough to tell my wife that another woman was very beautiful. (She was Martha Argerich.)
- I thought Bach was boring when I learned piano. Now it has become my prayers.
- I can no longer recite any new music work.
- When I was a student, I once went to the medical clinic and requested to follow Szeto. He threw me out of the room. I was really angry then but can now see his point.
- I stopped wearing ties on Saturdays and thought that was quite sporty.
- I zoomed to 150% when I typed this.

1 comment:

  1. Hey I love Bach too. Bach cello suite is the best, magic! One of the reason I learn cello.