7 Jan 2010


Szeto and BM described the schedule of my blog as the publishing day of the New England Journal of Medicine on different occasions. I am always happy to meet regular readers of the Journal. I developed the habit since my first medical clerkship. Upon KL’s encouragement, I started reading Lancet as well since my last year as a medical student. To maintain the habit of reading every issue, I glance through the content on the day of publication every week.

For young readers, below is a list of weekly journals that I read regularly. I left out Nature Medicine and the journals of my specialty, which are monthly publications. But I think KL is right. One should be pretty fine just by sticking to the two general medicine journals.

Wednesdays: JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine (twice per month)
Thursdays: New England Journal of Medicine, Nature
Fridays: Science
Saturdays: Lancet, BMJ

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