17 Sep 2009


On more than one occasion, my patients were impressed by my typing speed.

I have never had any formal typing lesson. My training was from my first computer. I could not recall the model, which was earlier than 80286. Anyway, these early models did not support complicated games. One of my favorite was a typing game. Words fell from the top. If you typed the words correctly, they disappeared. If you were slow and the words touched the bottom of the screen, you lost. With time, I became really good. My mother had to force me to turn off the computer because the game could not kill me even when the words were dropping like thunderstorm.

Recently, my Boss was surprised when I mentioned that my daughter attended piano group lessons. Why did I not teach her myself? Of course I tried. None of the songs I knew attracted her. So we see if others can do a better job.

While Angelina behaved at the lessons, asking her to practise at home remained difficult. One day, I played the DVD provided by the music school. It featured cartoon characters playing music. In one episode, a man hit the low and high keys and showed what they sounded like. Angelina immediately got interested and asked to try on our piano. That marked the beginning of her “do-re-mi” journey.

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