2 Apr 2009


Recently, there has been some discussion on the recruitment of trainees into different specialties in our department. Understandably, some team heads are not too happy when all trainees are attracted to a few popular specialties, while their own teams suffer from insufficient manpower. With immense interest in human thinking and behavior, I asked some colleagues for their opinion.

Prof Szeto answered, "I have decided that I do not need to have any opinion." (For details, please visit http://ccszeto.blogspot.com/2009/03/opinion.html.)

When I asked the same question, my mentor wrote down four words: '寧缺莫濫'. According to him, teammates are not just manpower. They are brothers and sisters. When a leader recruits a new teammate, he should help him/her develop a career as well. Therefore, he would rather wait patiently for suitable candidates.

As usual, I learned a lot by asking.

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