22 Jan 2009


Szeto once commented that I appeared content and happy all the time. I take that as praise.

When I was 10 years old, I joined the recorder ensemble in my primary school. For some reason, my teacher did not ask me to play the recorder or other wind instruments, but assigned me to a humble percussion instrument - two pieces of wood you could hit with a stick. Anyway, I practised and tried to create different sounds out of it. I also concentrated on the rhythm. Our team eventually lost in a local competition. To my surprise, the adjudicator specifically discussed my percussion and spoke highly of me. This has been an important lesson over the years. It does not matter where God places me. If I work faithfully, the result is always fruitful.

Lately, Szeto recalled that he did not plan to do nephrology during his college days and basic training. In retrospect, I realize I did not have much planning at all. When I had the opportunity to apply for a scholarship at the Royal College of Music, my Dad felt that was a really bad idea and I entered the medical school instead (of course I would never reveal this in any interview). When I was wondering whether to do internal medicine or science, KL took me to his room exactly one week before the Professor of Chemical Pathology phoned me up. Since my first year of basic training, KL asked me not to consider other specialties.

Many would think this is a silly way of handling one's career, but I am thankful to God for letting me do these wonderful jobs all the same.

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